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About Us

Reina V is an ambassador of style, modern design and top quality. 

Reina V does not tell time, it tells who you really are and what you do with your precious time.

The founders of the Reina V based in Belgium are both in the field of the watch and Jewellery industry during all their professional life.

Welcome to the Reina V world; the world of “VERY YOU”
which describes and impersonates our beloved gender, 
the Female.

Reina V
is an innovative and stylish watch brand that characterizes contemporary women.

Through femininity, sensuality and their unique design, Reina V watches are the essential accessory for women of all ages.

With its original, trendy and innovative designs, Reina V is a trend setter rather than a trend follower.

Reina V is proud of its product quality; each and every watch is crafted with highest level of materials and finishingin its price category.

Based in Belgium, Reina V is comfortably and professionally servicing distributors and retailers worldwide.  

The Reina V team spends a lot of energy in following the needs of the modern woman of today, they run trend forecasting for colors 

and styles and make sure the Reina V collection is ahead or in line with the hottest fashion trends worldwide.  


The collection suits all women’s ages as fashion is there for all!